Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind this project and why would you do this?

We are Johanna, Carsten and Hector, the founders of the Coworking Library. With the Crisis Directory we want to offer our part and give something back.

Learn more about this project here.

How can I help?

Please, add any resources you came across and found helpful to share with others during the COVID-19 crisis. This can be anything for that helped you and your business.

You can support our project financially or with your expert opinion. Reach out to us now via email.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can contact us via email, Twitter or Facebook.


What kind of resources can I add/search for?

Anything that has helped you (or could help you or others) in this time of crisis. 

These can be monetary (to be paid back or without repayment) as well as non-monetary (in-kind, tips, consulting).

We want to gather any resource that might help coworking spaces and their members. As these are super diverse this can be helpful for any business, but also freelancers, students, employees or NPOs & NGOs.

Can I enter a link to an article that really helped me?

Sure. If it’s a great resource that can really be helpful to others, let the world know about it.

Can I add a link to a page that offers many different programs (in my area)?

Yes! Please provide those overviews and indicate the area in the title and description. That way people can easily find what they are looking for.

Can I enter my city’s webpage that informs people?

Yes! If that’s the place where people from your city find all the answers, let us and others know.

Please name the area/city in the title and description as well. 

Can I enter resources that helped me with homeschooling my kid(s)?

Nope, we believe there are other platforms created especially for that important topic. 

Is there a review process?

Not for now, but we’ll keep an eye on the resources.

Can I rate a resource? How does that work?

You can leave comments on any resources using your email or a account.

These comments should be informative and help others navigate, assess or avoid resources. 

A more formal rating and ranking algorithm is in the works, but as people and businesses are hurting every day we wanted to get a version out before that’s finished. 


What happens with my personal data (name & email)?

If you signed up for the email updates from we will inform you about new developments.

If we have a question about the resource you’ve shared, we might get in touch with you directly.

Other than that we will not share any data with any third party, other than required by law.

For information about our privacy practices, please visit our the Coworking Library’s privacy policy.

When you have collected all the crowdsourced data, you’ll throw up a paywall, right?

No! This is a community project by three coworking enthusiasts that want to support humans, spaces and businesses who are suffering during this time of crisis.

If you would like to support projects like this, consider contributing here